Get Ready for a Much Better Internet

Hey, did you hear they’ve figured out how to fix the Internet?

How we do it today

The Internet today uses a centralized model; services and apps can vary but they all use one fundamental design. They offer some useful service that uses your data (and identity and contacts) as input. In the process, data for all of a service’s users is collected and combined. Each service operates its own software stack, so the resulting data stores are completely isolated from each other.

Communication on the Web Today

A better design

On a decentralized Web, everything is flipped in your favor. Each of us gets to claim our own private space on the Internet — a “pod.“ Process-wise, it’s exactly like signing up for yetanotherservice, except now you have a place to create and store all the data that you simply gave away before.

Personal Communication on the Decentralized Web
Public Communication on the Decentralized Web

Scratching the surface

As I mentioned, I’ll link to more detailed content in the comments, but this post is trying to be the short version. There are literally hundreds of improvements, big and small, that come with the decentralized approach. I’ll pick a few to feature below, but just know that there are many that are equally cool, and which you can discover for yourself.

Summing it up

The meta thought behind the Decentralized Web is empowerment. It’s a seismic shift that will permanently improve the Internet for all of us. In taking control over our personal data, we gain “personal agency” — the ability to conduct our digital activity in ways that serve our individual interests, not those of corporations (or spies or censors or criminals or fake news sources, all of whose jobs also become much harder BTW).

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